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The Return of the Super Mario Bros. - New and Enhanced!

new super mario bros romPast innovations are in trend again. Even though many avenues of change- in terms of the technology used, exists, there is no doubt that all credits go back to the basic and simple, yet key to the success of all designs by Nintendo. Although it is considered the greatest game created by Nintendo DS, it does not use either Internet or WiFi connection. Touch capability and most of the common modern features are unavailable because of one main reason: the updated version of is jam-packed fun, and the mere of idea of playing something as big as the Super Mario Bros. is already an excitement by itself.

After 15 years, the release of the newer Mario version finally emerged in the spring of 2006. In those years of waiting, many happened in the area of 3D games and adventures which helped its makers continue to find further enhancements and innovations. But, the 2D action used by Mario is still part of the inactive world until the Super Mario World was revived.
This re-emergence of the Mario Bros. has made Shigeru Miyamoto and team return to the origin of the hero. With its features back then – running to the right direction of the screen, fighting with monsters, and being the hero of the lovely princess –players feel the original Mario presence but the newer one is already enhanced with better features. The designers added some elements like the mushroom power-ups, a blue shell, which is used for spinning attacks, and a newer version of 2D skills (e.g. Wall-jumping).

The child in you could surface again once you play the newer version of the Super Mario Brothers of the Nintendo DS. Because of these designs, many users are very much in favor of the new Mario today. This appreciation is heart-warming indeed especially if this version is placed in the number 1 spot of the countdown! Truly, Super Mario Bros. has been revived and reborn, for a better gaming experience.


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